Awards 2015




Luxury Branding Research Cluster Wins 'Industry Project of the Year 2015'

Team members from the LBRC including Prof. Ian Phau, Dr. Michael Lwin, Dr. Min Teah have won Industry Project of the Year, awarded by Curtin University Business School. This award was due to their strong industry collaboration with an international Singaporean company Alliancz International. The awarding committee commented that the project demonstrated clear industry engagement and benefits, valuable collaboration with an Asian based partner and the involvement of students from the Luxury Branding Research Cluster. 

LBRC Wins 'Innovator of the Year 2015' Award

Awarded by Curtin University Business School to Prof. Ian Phau, Dr. Min Teah and Dr. Isaac Cheah from the LBRC for their collaboration with industry partner Gabriel Chocolate. This project has resulted in an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant application, and extensive student engagement within the LBRC with the submission of an industry endorsed thesis. Furthermore, this research project has seen the Luxury Branding Research Cluster establish a ‘Consumer Research Lab’, whereby consumers’’ responses to stimuli are tested using the latest psycho-physiological equipment. The establishment of the ‘Luxury Branding Research Consumer Lab’ has opened the doors for further research opportunities with previous and new industry and academic partners alike. Continued partnership with Gabriel Chocolate is expected well into 2017