The Consumer Research Laboratory



The Consumer Research Laboratory uses psychophysiological methods, including mobile devices capable of tracking consumers’ cognitive, attitudinal, affective, and behavioural responses through real-time psychophysiological measures.

Unlike traditional market research, data is collected in natural situations and in real time, providing reliable and objective information about what consumers think and feel when they interact with marketing collaterals. Its versatility represents a marked move away from traditional marketing analytics. This innovative approach enables the development of products and strategies, for brands, which reflect dynamic and ever-changing consumer behaviour in real industry settings.

The Consumer Research Laboratory is managed by the Luxury Branding Research Centre in the School of Marketing. Headed by Professor Ian Phau, the team also includes Dr. Min Teah, Dr. Isaac Cheah and Dr. Billy Sung. The team has a long history of research and industry engagement across marketing, luxury branding, psychology and neurobiology.

Some past and present clients with research collaborators include Millbrook Winery (Fogarty Wine Group), Gabriel Chocolate, Simmo's Ice-cream and Healthway

For further information about the innovative applications of the Luxury Branding Consumer Research Lab, please view this FLYER and video