Events 2015


KSMS- Joint Symposium 

November 2015

The LBRC made a striking impact at the recent 2015 KSMS conference, in Seoul, with their presence being one of the largest groups from a participating university. Audiences praised the LBRC for the quality of industry collaboration evident in the research, as Dr. Min Teah and Brian’t Hart won the Best Paper Award for their research paper “Predictors of Purchase Intention of Luxury South Sea Pearls and the Moderating Role of Consumer Knowledge”, and Abhinav Sood and A/Prof.Vanessa Quintal won an Honourable Mention for “Examining the Impact of Past Experience on Intention to Engage in a Cosmetic Procedure”. In addition “A Brief Affair with Underwear: Uniqueness and Innovativeness in Male Underwear Brand Purchase” co-authored by Prof. Ian Phau, Dr. Min Teah, Aaron Lim, and Ryan Ho won the 2015 Journal of Global Fashion Marketing Best Paper Award.



'Appreciating Pearls' - VIP Evening

June 2015

The LBRC collaborated with Nash Pearls in hosting a Pearl Appreciation evening in late 2015. Select VIP guests from industry and academia were in attendance, with Peter and Jill Nash (and their 50+ years of experience in the industry) discussing the future of pearl jewelry, the industry as a whole, retailing and distribution challenges, and even provided the opportunity for audience members to handle and match a huge range of Nash and Lust Pearls to their outfits.  Members of the LBRC shared numerous relevant and emerging research insights, as Nash Pearls detailed how changes were implemented within the organization as a direct result of the research collaboration. The event was followed by a formal VIP networking session available to select students, offering the chance to interact and network with industry professionals and academics.


Industry Wine Panel

June 2015

The Luxury Branding Research Cluster is working to increase collaboration with the industry by hosting a forum for wine producers in Western Australia. The Luxury Branding Research Cluster is therefore working to create strong engagement with the industry and amongst wineries by hosting a forum for collaboration. The panel was chaired by Dr. Ben Thomas, Director of Vine Collective; Mr. Larry Jorgensen, CEO Wines of W.A.; Mr. Chris Furtado, General Manager Voyager Estate; and Mr. John Griffiths, Owner of Faber Vineyards.



Application of Psychophysiology in Business Research 

May 2015

Mr. Billy Sung presented a seminar on Applying Psychophysiology in  Business Research. Although today most quantitative research in business is conducted using self-report measures, Mr. Sung argued that these methods, although useful, do not account for errors such as Social Desirability or the consumer  Black Box theory. Mr. Sung explored the different ways in which this new technology could assist researchers in every discipline of business.  This presentation highlighted the need for the development of a Luxury Branding Consumer Research Lab (LBCRL) in the School of Marketing


Prof. Ian Phau presents ‘What Will the Devil Wear Next?’ 

April 2015

Prof. Ian Phau, Director of the Luxu­ry Branding Research Cluster was invited to present a paper on ‘counterfeiting’ to a symposium hosted by the University of Tasmania.  Contrary to ongoing commentaries that counter­feits are detrimental to the market, Prof. Phau argues that there is much more than what meets the eye. Prof. Phau comment­ed “mimics have the ability to spur in­ fact, mimics seem to be the future for Luxury Brands”. This paper was presented in addition to a re­cent publication named “Devil continues to wear ‘counterfeit’ Prada: a tale of two cities”. Both have received global recognition