Events 2016



Flat Tummy Tea Seminar

September 2016 

Flat Tummy Tea is a global business, that has found success through their strategic use of social media, such as Instagram. The seminar was led by Johannes Weirather, former digital marketing and business executive of Flat Tummy Tea. The theme for the seminar was how to engage and speak to millennial consumers, as Johannes shares some insights on how to effectively use and engage these consumers in a typically saturated platform. 


Shiseido Makeup Workshop 

August 2016

Following the success of the Skincare Workshop, Shiseido returns to deliver a hand-on workshop about makeup application, the latest trends and tips for the season. Attendees were also treated to exclusive makeup tutorial by Shiseido beautitians; along with prizes and giveaways. As a momento of the event, flowers scented with the new Shiseido fragrance were given to attendees. 



LBRC Co-Host Hang Seng Consumer Panel, Hong Kong

July 2016

Prof. Ian Phau and fellow LBRC members shared their invaluable views on consumer ethics, in particular about counterfeiting and piracy, during a roundtable discussion at Hang Seng Management College in Hong Kong. The panellists not only shared their rich industry experiences, but also their research findings. In the open discussion session, participants liberally expressed opinions based on their areas of expertise. Such fruitful discussions had filled the event with delight and candidness.


Air Asia X - CEO Presentation 

June 2016

Air Asia X CEO Mr. Benyamin Ismail, gave a presentation about key issues facing the aviation industry, and how Air Asia X are trying to address these growing market needs. Mr. Ismail also spoke at length to attendees about how fresh graduates can make the most of their job interviews. Air Asia X spontaneously issued prizes of return trips to Kuala Lumpur for attendees who posted through social media. Presentations was followed by a VIP networking session and personal interviews with select delegates. 



Shiseido Skincare Workshop 

June 2016

Shiseido is world renowned for its cosmetic and skincare products, being the biggest cosmetics company in Asia and the fourth largest worldwide. Its hero product, “Ultimune” has featured extensively around Australia as an innovative product which allows consumers to ‘revive’ their skin; a notion which is derived from years of research. Further, the event demonstrated that consumers did not always have an adequate understanding of cosmetics products, and further research may be necessary which focuses on communicating this information.


Elmstock Tea 'Morning Tea' 

March 2016

As part of the collaboration, the LBRC ran a tea event for students with over 250 in attendance for the seminar run by founder, Hilary White. The insights and knowledge about the industry, and challenges facing the brand in the Australian market provided students with invaluable insights and made for a great afternoon. Additionally, a discussion activity was held online with students in order to gain insight into their perceptions and thoughts surrounding tea and culture in Australia and globally. The findings from this blog are currently being analysed and compiled to form part of a series of qualitative papers that is hoped to be published at the end of 2017.