Grants  2015

The Grants awarded below are all Curtin Business School Linkage Business Grants. 


Araluen Botanic Park

In light of reduced Government funding in park maintenance and marketing, the aim of this project is to identify a place personality strategy that stimulates revisit behaviour to parks. This research was undertaken with local client, Araluen Botanic Park Foundation in Perth, Western Australia. The research team was mentored by Prof. Ian Phau, and compirsed of LBRC members A/Prof. Vanessa Quintal, Mr. Sean Lee (PhD student), and external partner Mr. Grant Nixon. 


Gabriel Chocolate

The primary goal of this research was to assess whether differing levels of stock (perceived scarcity) and shelf organisation affect consumer emotions, perceptions, product evaluations and purchase intentions.  This research was undertaken with local client Gabriel Chocolate, from Margaret River in Western Australia. This research used the Luxury Branding Consumer Research Lab in its infancy. The research team was mentored by Prof. Ian Phau, and comprised of the client, Mr. Gabriel McHugh. LBRC members comrpised of Dr. Min Teah, Dr. Isaac Cheah; PhD students Mr. Billy Sung, Miss. Elaine Sutrisna and Siobhan Hatton-Jones. 




Alliancz International Pty. Ltd.

This research project was conducted with Singaporean based partner, Alliancz International Pte Ltd. The research centred primarily around their brand extension Greenins- Coowin Composite Wood. Considering the viability of entering the Australian DIY market, this research aimed to explore how literate Australian consumers were about sustainable living and eco-friendly lifestyle products. Prof. Ian Phau mentored the team, along with the client, Mr. Eugene Chong. The team comprised of Dr. Michael Lwin, Dr. Min Teah and Dr. Isaac Cheah; and PhD students Mr. Aaron Lim and Mr. Wesley Lim. 

Consequently a case study was published in Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, by Dr Min Teah and Siobhan Hatton-Jones, concerning the Singaporean and Australian DIY market.