(SEOUL, MAY 11-12, 2017)

The Luxury Branding research Cluster (Curtin University, Australia) welcomes you to “The Mystique of Luxury Brands” Conference held in Seoul, South Korea at the Royal Hotel, 11-12th May, 2017.

The Mystique of Luxury Brands Conference 2017 is an event where academics and luxury industry professionals convene to network, discuss research findings and highlight trends. Day 1 will comprise of industry keynotes, panel discussions and a networking lunch. Day 2 will comprise fully of academic presentations and research workshops, with the event closing with a reception and an awards ceremony.

Conference tracks will feature a range of research topics including (but not limited to) luxury brand management, luxury brands in the digital age, authenticity, counterfeiting, sustainability, prestige and masstige, beauty, cosmetics, and food.  

Full information and submission details can be found on the "Call for Papers".